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an image of a hand with the words music and me written on it's arm
Huntilicious Funk
Just like this - this is what OneRepublic did to me. 1R saved me. Especially their song Stop and Stare
a drawing of a man sitting in front of a tree with the words all monsters are human
Sinematic by NocturnalHime on DeviantArt
Sinematic - all monsters are humans
Reach Out To People With These 26 Delightful #Quotes #About #Music Lyric Quotes, I Just Want To Sleep Quotes, Lean On Me Quotes, I Just Want To Sleep, Tenk Positivt, Bahasa Jepun, Lyrics Meaning, Inspirerende Ord, Sleep Well
Reach Out To People With These 26 Delightful #Quotes #About #Music
a black and white photo with the words, my music will tell you more about me than i ever will
so it's been said...
Quotes Quote Quotation Quotations My Music Will Tell You More About Me Than Ever Will
the words i can't go a day without listening to music on a white background
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Can't go a day without listening to music, having a song stuck in my head, humming, singing... Yeah not even a day! ❤️
a pie with the words what people think about me because of the kind of music i listen to
Lol typical reactions! But people are usually shocked that I like this music because I don't look like one of "those people" lol but I don't care!
⋄✦❁ѕтαу ℓσνєℓу❁✦⋄ Coping Skills, Nasihat Yang Baik, The Words, Good Advice, Mantra, Happy Life, Self Help
⋄✦❁ѕтαу ℓσνєℓу❁✦⋄
an image of a quote that reads people will forget what you said, and the words are
Rebel Circus
She knows what she's talking about... here's to becoming more aware of how we make others feel!
a black and white photo with the words stop waiting for friday, for someone to fall in love with you, for life happiness is achieved when you stop
wacht niet ...
a quote that says, there comes a point when it's not that you don't care anymore, you just can't
Yep. Just can't...anything. Heart gone missing, locked away for eternity.
the words i've been disappointed so many times, not giving a f k is almost a reflex
i just dont care anymore
i just dont care anymore - Google Search