Ravelry: Project Gallery for 116-1 a - Winter Fantasy Jacket pattern by DROPS…

Ravelry: Project Gallery for a - Winter Fantasy socks Jacket pattern by DROPS…

Strawberry Knitted Socks

These strawberry socks are the sweetest pair of the summer. The thin Novita Venla yarn is a perfect choice even for intricate and detailed colourwork patterns.

Детские узоры спицами | Салон эксклюзивного вязания


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Tuttifrutti-sokken - cute idea.  Bind off and pick up a few rows down for texture and multi-layered interest. . . .

Pakke med oppskrift og garn til to par sokker i pastellfarger.

These socks are inspired by old Gotlandic socks with roses and leaves in stranded knitting.

Longing for Gotland pattern by Pia Kammeborn