Figurative Painting Process

Discover the figurative painting process by visual artist Elli Maanpää from Helsinki, Finland.
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Painting process of Grace
Painting is a blissful process. Wise words from Sadhguru.
Didn’t like where the painting was heading so I started over
Acrylic painting titled Wordscape by Elli Maanpää
Painting process of ”Flowers for Mom”
Process video of how the painting ”Flowers for Mom” was created. It’s an acrylic painting by the contemporary artist @ellimaanpaa 👀 See it live in Artina art exhibition in Ratina in Tampere in Finland until the 28th of October 2023. To collect visit Elli’s website 👉
Paint with me 🎨 Painting process of ”Fluid State of Mind”
Acrylic painting by Finnish contemporary artist Elli Maanpää. The painting is available after exhibition in Tampere.
Painting process of ”Flowers for Mom” acrylic painting by Elli Maanpää
This painting is at the moment in art exhibition in Ratina Tampere Finland. See it live there until the 28th of October 2023.
What painting looks like in the painting process videos. And what it ACTUALLY looks like. 😂
I'd say 95% of the painting process involves closely observing the artwork, contemplating what comes next, and gauging the feelings it evokes, whether love or dissatisfaction. And drinking coffee (while looking at the painting).
Painting process of two acrylic paintings painted in 2h
I painted these two acrylic paintings in 2 hours to practise for the live painting event. I used the other one in the cover of my Art Style workbook.
Live painting process in Skyroom in Helsinki
It was a thrilling experience to do an acrylic painting live in front of an audience in just 2 hours. We were in the Clarion Hotel Helsinki's Skyroom bar. Gorgeous view over Helsinki while the amazing artists Malka and Edel performed. This was part of international Art N’ Soul events. @ellimaanpaa
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Acrylic painting process outdoors
Painting process of a”Bucket Full of Coffee”☕️ #painting #art #coffee - YouTube Contemporary Art, Painting Art, Youtube, Coffee, Coffee Painting, Gallery
Painting process of a”Bucket Full of Coffee”☕️ #painting #art #coffee
Painting process of a”Bucket Full of Coffee”☕️ #painting #art #coffee - YouTube