Ava Gardner, 1941

Ava Gardner looks graceful - if not that practical - in a blouse and midi-skirt in My Icon- because this is how real women play tennis!

paper-dolls  10 free sets

Summer of These girls have a closet I could only dream of, and it's all free. Get the free printable Little Kiddles Paper Dolls. I remember when I got these paper dolls and loved them to pieces!


What a delightfully fun vintage birthday invite - there's no way you'd not RSVP to a party that had an invitation like that.

Portuguese cover of Tolkien’s The Hobbit, 1962. Illustrated by Antonio Quadros, published by Livraria Civilizaçao.

R Tolkien : "The Hobbit", 1962 // Illustrated by Antonio Quadros


Twiggy first emerged on the fashion scene in the with a highly recognized look, influencing the "mod" era of subculture, originated in Britain. With her prominent features and publicized work, twiggy quickly became an icon for British fashion.