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Scumbag Frodo…  Everyone likes Sam better anyways. If he went home, the cameras would have followed him! So there!

Funny pictures about Scumbag Frodo. Oh, and cool pics about Scumbag Frodo. Also, Scumbag Frodo.

lord of the rings meme one does not simply | deviantART: More Like Lord Of The Rings Funny Quotes by ~ShellBell17

If only he would not panic about it that much and would keep calm! I've did a quick search around and didn't found this slogan so since I've always want. Keep calm and walk into Mordor

#LordoftheRings funny meme

Funny pictures about Literal Lord Of The Rings. Oh, and cool pics about Literal Lord Of The Rings. Also, Literal Lord Of The Rings.

Legolas: from the Sindarin laegolas meaning greenleaf, laeg meaning green is the archaic from of calen. #lotr

The meaning of Legolas - Middle Earth wait. So his name is Greenleaf Greenleaf? OMG Legolas is the moon moon of LOTR