Easy but very cool project on a wonderful blog called "TeachKidsArt". A different spin on a Valentine's Day art project with 3-D results.

Super easy for kids of all ages to do. Trace your hand, draw a heart. Straight lines across to the edge of the hand and heart. Curved lines from edge to edge inside the heart and hand.

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Kanelikauppa: leikki I have no idea what any of the tags say, but it takes me to a printable page for Gigi to color and cut-out!

I did this with the girls, and they loved it! I think I enjoyed it more than them though lol

I loved the idea of this craft, but it's harder than it looks. Only the oldest kids were able to keep the lines straight. However, the kids loved tracing their hands and drawing coloured lines.

kid art

Actually have some shelves like this that I was going to get rid of b/c they're too small to put much of anything in them.NEVERMIND, it will be fun to creat some art and hang in Ty's room!