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Popular Right Now – United Kingdom l Saara proves her Snow Fairy credentials with Let it Go!

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Saara Aalto dazzles on X Factor disco week in 'dangerous' outfit

Setting the bar high! Sharon Osbourne's first act Saara Aalto kicked off The X Factor's 'disco week' with a funky rendition of Donna Summer & Barbra Streisand's No More Tears

Saara Aalto hurmasi Abban Winner Takes it all -hitillä X-Factorissa.

Saara Aalto heittämällä jatkoon Britannian X Factorissa

Saara Aalto has opened up about being X Factor's most successful LGBT woman in a new interview.

Saara Aalto suoraan finaaliin Britannian X Factorissa

Saara sings Whitney’s I Didn’t Know My Own Strength

"When you're on a big stage, you just get bigger." Simon Cowell loved Saara Aalto's X Factor Final performance. The X Factor, December 2016

'Loophole in voting means Finnish fans can vote for Saara Aalto'

Rumour has it: Saara Aalto's sudden surge in popularity with the bookies may reportedly be down to Finnish voters getting around the rules to cast their votes for her

Saara Aalto floats away with some balloons during X Factor live tour

Showstopper: Saara Aalto dazzled in a show-stopping silver jumpsuit, before she changed in.

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