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Princesse Helena, la veuve de Prince Leopold, avec sa Princesse d'enfants Alice (sur le cheval à bascule) et le Prince Charles Edward (au-dessous du cheval) et leurs cousins Battenberg, les enfants de leur tante paternelle, Princesse Beatrice.

The Duchess of Albany with her children Prince Charles Edward (in kilt) and Princess Alice (riding right) of Albany, Princes Alexander and Leopold and Princess Victoria Eugenie of Battenberg, 1890

Carousel Center Carousel at the Carousel Center Mall, Syracuse, NY (by Ann Lioio)

The National Carousel Association promotes conservation,appreciation,knowledge,and enjoyment of carousels and the preservation of complete wooden carousels

Unicorn Carousel Horse | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Discover Tom Mankiewicz Conservation Carousel in Los Angeles, California: A carousel trades in its classic horses and calliope for endangered species, native flora and fauna, and a modern soundtrack.

Amazing wood zebra by The Carousel Works of Mansfield, Ohio. Photo by Tadd Myers in the American Craftsman Project.

Tadd Myers: "Portraits of the American Craftsman" Tadd Myers has an amazing passion and talent in the world of photography. He was here to tell us about his latest project, "Portraits of the American Craftsman.

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