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an aerial view of the ocean and mountains with clouds in the sky over it, as seen from above
Approaching Paradise: Na Pali Coast
Na Pali Coast, Kauai, Hawaii. Taken from an open door helicopter. The clouds began to break as we were headed back inland.
the sun is setting over some rocks on the beach with water running through them and clouds in the sky
Rocky Sunset
Shi Shi Beach and Point of the Arches, Washington State, United States.
a woman is laying down in the middle of a forest with mossy trees and ferns
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There are some who can live without wild things and some who cannot -Aldo Leopold **~ I cannot ~**
a woman in a white dress is walking through the woods with her arms spread out
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forest spirits by Katerina Plotnikova (Катерина Плотникова)
a woman holding a dog in her arms
Photographer Creates Twisted Fairytales With Real Wildlife
Katerina Plotnikova is creating twisted fairytales with her surrealist photography.
a white horse standing next to a body of water with it's reflection in the water
Red Rock Reflections by Ron McGinnis
This could be Stonn, the horse belonging to Angusel (Lancelot) in The Dragon's Dove Chronicles (Dawnflight, Morning's Journey, etc.) by Kim Headlee
a woman kneeling down next to a white horse
Moments and Memories
You won't find deeper secrets than those between a girl and her horse...
two deer standing next to each other under a tree
la boom!
13penguins-on-ice: cj’ on We Heart It.
a group of penguins walking along the beach
Death By Elocution
a group of penguins walking across a river
Moulting King Penguins standing in a cold stream...
Moulting King Penguins standing in a cold stream at Salisbury Plain, South Georgia Island
a penguin standing in the middle of a field
Earth song: Photo
A lone penguin waiting for the rest of his group to get going again. Taken near Punta Arenas in Patagonia, Chile.
a large group of penguins walking along the beach with their backs turned towards each other
Access Denied | Frans Lanting Studio
Gentoo penguins (Pygoscelis papua) heading to the sea, Falkland Islands-South Atlantic Ocean.