Marimekko Saapaivakirja

I have coveted these for months since they first popped up in Elle Decoration about 3 issues ago. New tableware from Marimekko! In store now at and in Melbourne.

Marimekko glasses

Socks Rolled Down Tumblers. They are "sukat makkaralla" marimekko glasses. Sukat Makkaralla means "socks rolled down.

Marimekko 2016

Marimekko Karuselli tray - colourful tableware and trays on The Life Creative

New 2014 mug - Moomin Mug Sail With Niblings and Too-Ticky

Muumi-kesämuki 2014 - Purjehtien Tahmatassun & Tuutikin kanssa, Moomin summer mug 2014

Marimekko Bettina Silk Shirt Dress

Add an element of inspiration to your closet with Marimekko's clothing for women. Discover a unique piece in our apparel & accessories collection to compliment every wardrobe.

Helsinki Design Capital Moomin Mug

Arabia - Moomin collection - Helsinki Design Capital celebration mug.

Ammy Cardigan, Starling Top and Penguin Trousers | Samuji SS15 Seasonal Collection

See all the runway and model photos from the Samuji Spring 2015 Ready-to-Wear collection.