Ninni on

I'm not Finnish but Finland has thought me to be calm :-

Finnish mark before euro

Finnish mark bills before Finland converted to the Euro


Puuvallila is one of the most idyllic neigbourhoods in the urban Helsinki area!


Sisu begins where resilience and perseverance run out. Sisu is the second wave of the mental stamina and integrity. It´s the very resource of mental strength which enables action in a ultimate circumstances.

Finnish is easy ;-)I think this is only one of hardest words..

Finnish lesson this is true, "kuusi palaa"" can mean all of those things ?

True story.

You know you´re FINNISH when you can´t understand how people in other countries can liv without RYE BREAD ;

Learn some finnish. I can verify this, I'm a finn and I (really) speak this language ;D And the word is Kurkku. It means both things :D

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