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So frigging adorable

Day I'd be happy to let them meet England because he's a gentleman and his accent wouldn't get on their nerves because we're the same nationality


XD -------- not a fruk shipper, but this is hilarious!------->excuse me but you are not allowed to not ship fruk << FrUk is EVERBODY'S OTP!

Oh for fuck's sake France

STAY AWAY FROM BROTHER Chang Chang Chang Chang Chang Kirkland! *Punches France in the face* <<< *takes hit* -_- ow.

Jajaja (usuk) | Fruk you (Fruk you) Fruk you very very much~ | Iahahahahha

England,just make out with France already,mon ami~ <---some random person who ships FRUK. Me: USUK! Just ignore France! Sorry random person, but I ship USUK!