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Abstract Sun In Yellow Tattoo Design - 2013/05/04 - Tattoo #392 ~ Semar88.Com

Tattoo design of abstract sun of half body. Its a coloured abstract tattoo Abstract sun in yellow Tattoo

Oh my god... My babies .. :<

America, Canada, Britain, and France on D-Day.<< this is fucking cute ok. I don't ship FrUk but I love this comic XD


XD -------- not a fruk shipper, but this is hilarious!------->excuse me but you are not allowed to not ship fruk.<<< I am a frUK shipper but I will respect your opinion even tho I disagree.


Wallpaper and background photos of FrUk Gif for fans of Hetalia Couples!

Oh for fuck's sake France

STAY AWAY FROM BROTHER Chang Chang Chang Chang Chang Kirkland! *Punches France in the face* <<< *takes hit* -_- ow.


This is simple but perfection XD---I guess Iggy wish he(France) meant his *coughcough* CHEST HAIR