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Engadin Valley, Swiss Alps, Switzerland

Train on a bridge in Engadin Valley - Swiss Alps, Switzerland. Loved visiting the Engadin Valley, and I think I was actually on this train since we bussed across Austria, and took the train across Switzerland.

Naxos, Greece - travel pinspiration on our travel blog!

Naxos, Greece by Nikos Golfis - Naxos is a popular tourist destination, with several ruins. Naxos is well known within Greece for its cheese, potatoes and Kitro, a local lemon-citrus spirit.

Sunset, Rheinstein Castle, Germany

Burg Rheinstein Castle and the Rhine River,Germany. I believe we passed this castle on our boat ride down the Rhine River.

Puente de Dios, Mexico    #amazing #world

Puente de Dios Waterfalls,San Luis Potosí, Mexico Hope to soon go with my hubby his from San Luis Potosi:)