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five different colored coffee cups lined up in a row on top of eachother
Teri Erasmus on Instagram: "t h e G R I P T U M B L E R These are used A L L the time by everyone in our home. And I’m excited about adding a few new glaze combos to this pre order ❤️ . . . #pottery #ceramics #ceramic #clay #clayart #art #artist #handmade #handmadepottery #handmadeceramics #wheelthrown #wheelthrownpottery #tumbler #homedecor #potter #pottersofinstagram"
a coffee cup with flowers painted on it
Seconds, pansy flower design coffee mug, tea cup, handmade fine art ceramics
This second is an imperfect pottery work but that still functions perfectly. In the process of firing at high temperatures, the handle joint is separated a little and is offered at a discounted price. ( regular price $65) - please refer the 9th, 10th pictures. This hand painted porcelain pottery coffee mug, tea cup is carved with a series of pansy flowers using the inlay (Mishima) technique. It is handmade (slab built) and individually hand carved to bring out the beautiful garden theme. Al
photo of colorful and textured ceramic cups and vases Coil Pottery, Beginner Pottery, Ceramic Vessels, Affordable Aesthetic, Ceramic Artwork, Handmade Ceramics Vase, Modern Pottery
Gloopy Drips Trickle from Playful Ceramic Vessels by Philip Kupferschmidt
Playful grins and gloopy drips ☺️
a hand holding a vase with flowers in it
A Daily Dose of Clay Inspiration 🤎 Find similar creations on: 𐃭 𐃢 𐃡 𐃨 𐃰 𐃬 In the potter's realm, where hands… | Instagram
a green and white coffee cup sitting on top of a white table next to a wall
Hand Carved — Rabbit Fish Studio
Hand Carved — Rabbit Fish Studio
many plates and bowls are stacked on top of each other with sticks sticking out of them
Julie Spako - Work
Julie Spako - Work
several white dishes with brown designs on them
Julie Spako - Work
a group of vases with plants in them on a table next to each other
Porcelain Bud Vases (Set of 8)
This set of 8 delicate porcelain bud vases makes for an eclectic, handmade look. Varying shapes, sizes and colors — from robin’s egg blue to warm browns — they complement a farmhouse or coastal look well. Height: 7 Width: 3 Depth: 4.5 Material: Ceramic Finish: Natural Weight: 10
a plate with shrimp, tomatoes and lettuce on it next to some peanuts
Rustic dinnerware set, Stoneware dinner side snack plates, Serving pottery tableware, Salad pasta soup bowls, Modern ceramic Art by Manya
Contemporary ceramic dinnerware set is made by a unique technology that allows to cover the flat bottom by glaze, absence of a heavy rim makes the tableware extremely light, which is comfortable to use every day. The warm color scheme of the Modern Rustic design will perfectly fit into English country, Swiss chalet and Scandinavian interiors, which will emphasize the warmth and comfort of your home and give harmony to the interior and combine naturalness, simplicity and practicality. Big Set f