Emma Brunström

Emma Brunström

Emma Brunström
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((Open RP. Be his boyfriend?)) My boyfriend was a part of one of the major gangs, and apparently he had pissed some people off. They came after me. One of the men keeps me pinned to the ground by my throat. "Mmph..." I struggle weakly. They've been beating me for days... "Smile for the camera, darling." I groan into the cloth as they video chat with my boyfriend. "Bring us the $20,000 or you never see him again." I tense. "This has nothing to do with him!" "You have one hour."

)) My boyfriend was a part of one of the major gangs. I didn't know until his members caught me and beat me, sending a picture to him. The next thing i know, hes running towards me past the members.

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What a lovely cat! She appears to be a Maine Coon Cat with long, diluent, Calico coloring and brilliant emerald green eyes. She is a beautiful cat. You would need to give her a daily brushing, to keep her looking her regal best.