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Gored cloak pattern. @Eliisa Ojala Ojala Ojala Ojala Ojala Ojala Ojala Harman, have you seen this?

Gored cloak pattern-- BUT it takes 3 yards for a half circle, so 6 for a full circle, but I can do a full circle from 8 yards with MUCH less work, so I don't think this is worth it for the fabric savings.>>>> I really want a cloak.

Kun Hobbitti leffa sai ensi-iltanssa ei kauvaakaan mennyt kun kaverini kanssa marsimme sen katsomaan, koska Lord of the Rings leffat on juon...

Learn how to make a cape with this complete photo tutorial and instructions. See finished capes from DIY readers and get expert tips from Rain Blanken.



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