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two people holding hands with pink hearts on the top and bottom of their fingers, in front of a couch
a rainbow colored path in the woods at night
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the sun shines brightly on a leaf covered sidewalk in front of buildings and parked cars
30 Of My Best Photos That Explain The Craze Around The Northern Lights
Every single one of us knows someone, who has been chasing for the Northern Lights. Some of you have looked at those images and thought why should one plan such a long and exhausting journey when this phenomenon can be comfortably seen from TV or Youtube. Well, there is a little that can be transferred over digital media compared to actually experiencing probably the grandest show that nature has to offer.
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Beautiful Creatures and Nature Creations
a rainbow appears to be in the sky with a lightning bolt coming from behind it
a row of lockers with rainbow painted on them
When your child is gay