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an orange and white candle sitting next to two black and white objects on a table
three ceramic rabbits sitting on a window sill
Stilren påskinredning - 12 tips att dekorera ditt hem med
a chess board with white pieces on it and some cups in the backgroud
two white vases with flowers in them next to a wall hanging on the wall
an open drawer with some black and white objects in it
polka dot candles are lined up in front of a potted plant
a candle and some matches sitting on a table next to a white container with black speckles
four plates with words written on them sitting next to each other in the shape of stars
EDF Design | DIY Air-Dry Clay Candle Holder
three sculptures sitting on top of a table next to each other, one is made out of wood and the other is metal
Elevating Your Space: The Art of Minimalistic Vases
Transform your home with the beauty of our small abstract vase for dried flowers. Made from polymer clay and thoughtfully crafted for a minimalistic touch, this handmade vase makes the perfect gift for her or a friend who appreciates understated elegance. Ideal for dried flower arrangements, this abstract vase is more than just a decorative piece. It's a symbol of your impeccable taste.