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Emmilia Keinänen
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It was no secret that Hitler was an avid animal lover. Here he's giving a tidbit to a canine friend. His favorite Alsatian, Blondie, was with him to the very last day; she was poisoned by Hitler himself shortly before he and Eva Braun-Hitler committed suicide in the chancellery bunker.

ADOLF HITLER Chancellor of Germany, Hitler with a German shepherd in Haus Wachenfeld on the Obersalzberg Mountain near the town Berchtesgaden.

Grindelwald was Hitler. And the Holocaust was his attempt to wipe out all Muggles, starting with the Jews. This makes perfect sense.

hpotterfacts Gellert Grindelwald was defeated by Albus Dumbledore in the same year that Adolf Hitler died

Adolf Hitler with his dog.

A very rare photo of Adolf Hitler and his German shepherd, Blondie, at his private residence in the foothills of Bavaria, the Berghof.