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McDonagh playing Frog defense against Slovakia.

31 Reasons To Marry A Hockey Player - Exposed Hockey

Jake Gardiner has seen some shit. Well, he is a Leaf so......

Jake Gardiner has seen some shit. Well, he is a Leaf so.

Draco Malfoy going to the ministry with them, knowing he'll probably run into his parents. When he does his dad is furious, but Draco pushes harry out the way of his dad's hexes and says "this still doesn't mean I like you" harry replying with "never or your dad will hear about this..."

Harry Potter Alternate Storyline - Tri-Wizard Champion So sad yet so beautiful. I wish JK would just give Slytherins more insight views and stories (not that I’m complaining her work, but I really wanna read some Slytherin stories)

Don't go where I can't follow

Kane and Toews celebrate the win - Tazer couldn't let Patrick be the only OT GWG scorer hero

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