Tattoo ideas

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a black and white drawing of flowers with leaves on the bottom half of each flower
an envelope with flowers on it that says, all the happy things are here '
an artistic drawing of two oval mirrors with clouds in the middle and one on top
a black and white drawing of a moth with flowers
an eye and stars tattoo design on a white background
an eye surrounded by flowers and leaves in the shape of a flower, on a white background
a drawing of a skull with flowers in its head
some type of zodiac signs are shown in black and white
Astrology tattoo
a deer with wings and butterflies on it's head, surrounded by ornate designs
a drawing of a cat with flowers in its paws and the tail curled up to it's back
Geometric Tattoos
a pencil drawing of two faces with planets and sun in the sky behind them on paper
“Creation of the Universe”, half sleeve design by me