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5 Websites That Pay You Just To Read Books

5 Websites That Pay You Just To Read Books - Wisdom Lives Here

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I'll fucking do it, darling

garrettauthor: “ pleasedontsqueezetheshhh: “ notentirely: “ no idea if this is true, but it feels true ” I heard an interview, can’t remember the psychologist, but he was explaining this idea and...

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T/W's will be stated at beginning of chapters. I'm an angst baby and whenever I have an idea I need to write it down. I take requests! Read IMPORTANT BEFORE READING from the story Yoongi Angst {BTS} by That_Fandom_Boi (Angst Deity) with 550 reads. Book Writing Tips, Creative Writing Prompts, Writing Words, Romantic Writing Prompts, Writing Help, Story Writing Ideas, Story Plot Ideas, Writing Inspiration Prompts, Writing Romance

Angsty Dialogue Prompts 1 I Trusted You! 2 Does It Ever Stop Hurting? No You Just Make Room for It 3 I Loved Them More Than Anything in This World and They're Dead Because of M 4 Sometimes I Wish I Could Just Fall Asleep and Never Wake Up 5 I'm Trying All the Time but It's Just Too Hard 6 It's Just You You're All Alone 7 L Loved Them and Now I'm Going to Kill Them 8 They Can't Do Anything to Me Have Nothing Left 9 How Could You Do This to Me? After Everything We've Been Through? 10 I Don't Care About You No One Does 11 I Don't Have a Choice I Never Had Casually Has an Existential Crisis This Is Ok This Is Alright I'm Ok | Meme on ME.ME

Angsty Dialogue Prompts 1. "I trusted you!" 2. "Does it ever stop hurting?" "No, you just make room for it." 3. "I loved them more than anything in this world, and they're dead because of m 4. "Sometimes I wish I could just fall asleep and never wake up." 5. "I'm trying, all the time, but it's just too hard 6. "It's just you you're all alone." 7. "l loved them, and now I'm going to kill them 8. "They can't do anything to me. have nothing left. 9. "How could you do this to me?…