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a woman is holding a small box made out of scrapbook pages and paper machs
cool idea for cutting up a magazine or random paper
several different types of art work laid out on the floor next to some thread and spools
Gratitude in the Press: A Journey Through Online Publications
Gratitude in the Press: A Journey Through Online Publications
four different colored paintings sitting on top of a white table next to wooden blocks with lace
Sewn Abstract Art by Whitney Alyssa
In progress pieces before framing these mini works of art. Mixing watercolor, acrylics, torn papers, threads from a sewing machine.
an abstract piece of art with many different colors and patterns on it's surface
a piece of paper with different shapes and sizes on it next to a plant branch
Neutral Series — LAURA HORN ART
the paper is cut out and placed next to some scissors on a wooden table with other crafting supplies
Abstract Collage: Creating Compositions with Tissue Paper | Jane Davies | Skillshare
an abstract painting with blue and yellow colors
an abstract painting with many different colors and shapes on it's surface, including circles
Balance Series — Jocelyn Benford Art
an abstract painting with oranges, pinks and black on it's surface
three paintings are hanging on the wall in front of a white brick wall, one is green and purple
a close up of a piece of art on a wooden table with paint splattered over it
an image of a face made out of books
Paper Works by Nick Georgiou • Recyclart
a man made out of many different types of fabrics and paper strips is shown in this image
Nick Georgiou’s Hand-Stitched Newsprint Sculptures - Hi-Fructose Magazine