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a sculpture made out of multiple pieces of wood and wire hanging from the side of a wall
i'm loving lori b. goodman's amazing installations created from bamboo and kozo paper. kozo has an amazing transparent quality to it and th...
a dress made out of old maps is displayed on a white surface with blue and yellow trims
Elisabeth Lacourt... art, wearable art inspiration, textile design.
a piece of art that looks like it has been made out of sticks and wires
Woven Pieces — Jennifer Davies
a woman's dress made out of old newspaper pages is shown in this image
Paper Dress
a piece of art that looks like something made out of clay or paper with holes in the middle
Karen Margolis - 4 layers of abaca paper, holes made with soldering iron
several different types of paper are shown on the table, and one is folded up
Manipulated papers
a piece of wire wrapped in white paper
schilderijen en beelden – Schilderijen, beelden en andere kunstwerken
Petra Poolen, paper sculpture Set fine wire into the paper pulp to enable the bowl to be shaped or hold a crush
an image of some kind of art that looks like something out of the book or magazine
Papier en paardenhaar
a pair of ballet shoes that have been torn apart
SUSAN CUTTS Arbs PAPER SCULPTURE - paper ballet slippers - Sur La Pointe
a piece of paper that has some type of string on it
Sentences Make Conversational Sculpture: The Dreamweaver : Nina Jua Klein
three white balls with black dots on them sitting in the middle of a pile of shredded paper
Jessica O’Hearn makes sculpture from found objects, vellum, corrugated cardboard and paper. They are understated but really lovely.
four different images of various shapes and sizes of objects in orange, white, and blue
Mary Button Durell: Paper Sculpture
Mary Button Durell - Paper Sculpture using tracing paper and wheat paste.
a piece of art made out of small pieces of paper
Watercolor weavings
Becky Kisabeth Gibbs. Sundown in August, North Truro, 2007. Watercolor and ink on paper. 23″(H) x 23″(W).