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an abstract white object on a black background
Dezeen Magazine
Italian design brand Kundalini is producing this light based on the natural form of the clover leaf by Australian designer Brodie Neill
an unusual light fixture hanging from the ceiling in front of a white wall and floor
ill - mannered
via ill-mannered on tumblr
a white light hanging from a black ceiling
Exhibition "REALITY LAB" - Works
Issey Miyake lamp. "IN-EI ISSEY MIYAKE"
a white and silver ball hanging from a ceiling fixture with stars on it's side
Muebles, Diseño y Decoración
Camouflage Lamp
three different colored balls hanging from strings
Muebles, Diseño y Decoración
Topan Lamp VP6
two white and orange hanging lights on a black background with one light turned off to the side
Muebles, Diseño y Decoración
Campanula Pendant Lamp
three lights are hanging from the ceiling in an artistic manner, one is orange and one is white
Muebles, Diseño y Decoración
Uto Pendant-Wall Lamp
three lamps hanging from the ceiling with different colors and shapes on each light fixture,
Muebles, Diseño y Decoración
TamTam 5 Pendant Lamp
a dining room table and chairs with a large white light hanging over it's head
Muebles, Diseño y Decoración
Acorn Lamp
many different colored lights hanging from the ceiling
Muebles, Diseño y Decoración
Eperara-Siapidara Set Lamp 21
three different colored glass lamps sitting on top of a white table next to each other
Muebles, Diseño y Decoración
Muffins Pendant Lamp