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two hands holding something in the air with one hand reaching out to another person's face
Romans 8:37-39 - Full of Eyes
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two people with black hair and green clothes standing next to each other in front of a white background
たま on Twitter
たま on Twitter: "※年齢操作天飯🍤(15)🍚(11) 一番見た目がそっくりな時代を選んで軽率に並ばせてみる 幼年期もチャイナ服着てた兄弟kawaii https://t.co/1ee9GNJtaR" / Twitter
an animated image of two people on top of each other
Vegeta black
dragon ball super selypa is standing with his hands on his hips
のりたまラストワン on X
のりたまラストワン on X
an anime character is flying through the air with his arms out and one hand on his hip
Gotenks Xeno ssj 4