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a model of a city made out of legos
The Joy of Bricks
Norman Mailer’s Lego city, a futuristic Mont-Saint-Michel, which sits in his living room.
a model city with cars and buildings on display
MichLTC LEGO City at NMRA 2007 National Train Show, Detroit, Michigan
MichLTC LEGO City at NMRA 2007 National Train Show, Detroit, Michigan
a large white bear made out of legos in a city setting with buildings and people around it
Dropout - Independent, ad-free, uncensored comedy
Marshmallow Man takes over Lego City
a model city is shown in the middle of a convention hall with people looking at it
Jim Garrett's favorites
✯ Downtown Detroit in Legos - How much time did it take to make this?
a large model city with lots of cars and trucks
Electronics, Cars, Fashion, Collectibles & More | eBay
Giant Lego city - 30 Square meters. Fills an entire basement and took six years to build. This entire creation is listed for sale on eBay for 22k dollars! Plus 1,300 shipping. Very cool!
the eiffel tower is lit up in red, white and blue
Lego City Tokyo
Lego City Tokyo LEGOLAND Discovery Center Tokyo, Daiba Tokyo via flickr
a book cover with an image of a city in the background and text that reads beautiful lego
27 Brickin' Incredible Lego Creations
This build is on the cover of the book Beautiful Lego that we love! The close up photos are mind blowing. Not only is the build technically awesome, the imagination that came up with this rhelm is breaking my brain!
there are many toy cars and trucks on the track
Best Things To Do In London – Your Ultimate Guide To London
Incredible LEGO St Pancras International Station #LEGO #station
a lego model of a city with lots of buildings
I want to be a Lego man! They get to live the life.
a large model of a city with lots of buildings
Castor City
Castor City - So much work & bricks, but I would so love to work with that level of style!
a bunch of legos that are laying on the floor in front of each other
Other Art for sale | eBay
Check out this one of a kind LEGO city that has been a labor of love since it started being built over 30 years ago! Measuring almost 100 square feet, it has hundreds of mini-figures, and contains original creations such as a High School Football field, Bowling Alley, and even a Snowboard shop and half-pipe! You will never see another collection quite like this..
a table with many legos on it and people standing around the tables looking at them
Lego Brickworld Convention, 2013: Part One -
City of Legos This is awesome. I loved building a city in the dining room with my brother's Legos.
a lego mcdonald's restaurant is shown in front of a building
This item is unavailable - Etsy
LEGO City Fast Food Hamburger Restaurant by ABSDistributors, $150.00
a lego angry man with flames on his head
BrickNerd - All things LEGO and the LEGO fan community
The expression needs to be worked with a bit but other than that this is pretty good