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Funny pictures about Incredibly Realistic Baby Animal Creatures. Oh, and cool pics about Incredibly Realistic Baby Animal Creatures. Also, Incredibly Realistic Baby Animal Creatures photos.

ZONKEY  is a cross between a zebra stallion and a donkey jennet. Click through to read all about him, as well as the ZORSE (Zebra and horse) and the ZONY (Zebra and pony).

A ZONKEY Named "Khumba"! Born at a Mexico Zoo in April Zoo officials say donkey-zebra mix is very rare. Dad was a donkey. She got her Mom's beautiful legs though! She was born in Reynosa! See article/more pics:

Isänpäiväkortteja (5.-6.lk) Sukkahousuista pää. Silmät, nenä ja suun muoto ommeltiin. Loppu vapaata luomista.(Kaisu Arppe-Kinnunen / alkuopettajat -FB -sivustosta) Voi tehdä myös tauluna 1.-2. lk:n kanssa: Sukkahousupään ala-ja yläosasta tehdään vain solmu, joka jää pään alle, kun se liimattaan kankaiseen taulutaustaan, (Maria Wargh)

Pantyhose heads (I think you knot them and then glue them down?


These DIY Easter candy huggers are the ultimate in cute. Print and cut at home then have your kids hand them out in class as a cute Easter gift for friends.