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a black and white photo with the words if you can read this then you are to close to my phone, go away
Funny iPhone Lock Screen Wallpaper
Funny iPhone Lock Screen Wallpaper | PixelsTalk.Net
the man is looking at his reflection in the mirror while driving down the street with cars
two different pictures one with an alien head and the other with a creepy face
spot the difference!!! :P
an eye peeks out from behind a black cloth covering the face of a person's head
a cartoon character holding a sign that says nice balls
*uwu notices your buldge*
a person wearing a helmet giving the thumbs up sign in front of an airplane cockpit
Wagner pilot
a helicopter flying through the air at night with green light on it's side
Operation Eager Anvil: Pave Low Leaders | Defense Media Network
the reflection of a person standing in front of a green light with a camera attached to it
U.S. Says Its Diplomats Are Out Of Ukraine After U.S. Special Ops Planes Tracked Near Polish Border (Updated)
A US Air Force CV-22 Osprey is seen refueling through night vision goggles during Exercise Emerald Warrior 2015.
an airplane is flying over the ocean under a cloudy sky with sunbeams in the background
silhouettes of soldiers standing in the dark at night with bright light coming from behind them
Happy Armed Forces Day! Here's 34 stunning images taken by military photographers
"Assault overwatch" (Third Place: Pictorial)