Moomin troll watching stars~~

Can you help us solve the Great Moomin Mystery? We can't find the creator of our…

moomin house from green is the new black blog.....

Muumitalo/Moomin house I remember this tou! My friend had this house and I was so jealous!

Ohhh!! I have this moominhouse :3 Used yo play with it all the time with my little brother as a young girl <3 All the good times :')

Th Moomin house, the perfect playmates for a little kid who loves the Moomins. We still have our tucked away for the next generation of little moomin lovers.

Мир муми-троллей, придуманный Туве Янссон в военные годы, содержит в себе целую жизненную философию.

Tove Jansson: Illustration to the book The Exploits of Moominpappa, Tampere Art Museum.

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