Anti-Smoking Pack // Designed by R.J. Reynolds: Designed to create fear among smokers - a pack of cigarettes in a coffin shaped box coz you know where you're headed to when you smoke!

juice box - freshness

36 Clever (and Quirky) Packaging Designs

Juice Box by slwshin. I found this simple twist of an apple juice box to be clever. Nothing fancy, just shows how much a print can make up for an elaborate design.

Honey - freshness?

i love the little bee confetti! and i think this honey packaging is so fancy. the box itself is so clean and then the explosion of bees when you open the box is so unexpected and fun! The Bees Knees-Klein Constantia Farm Honey


Interesting way to pack and consume parmesan cheese, a concept by the Deli Garage. These Parmesan pencils lead is pesto, chilli or truffles. You sharpen your Parmesan pencil over salad or pasta plate and voila.

Energy drink

Blood Energy Potion: Fruit-punch-flavoured energy drink - idea for hanging beside vampire blood pinch Halloween party