Drawings by Dr. Propulus

Dr. Propolus Treats Serious Fashion Photos with Lighthearted Doodles


Evening accessories to take your style from day to night, summer beach days or city cocktails, our new jewellery collection in rose gold, silver and gold pieces will make a stunning addition to any outfit.

January Inspiration | A Fabulous Fete

January Feels

Hand lettering and styling for weddings and everyday celebrations.

collage and paint, Raphael Vicenzi

Raphael Vicenzi is Belgian illustrator and artist living in Brussels creating collages and artworks based on collage techniques

Our Avenue Collection is all about simplicity inspired by the city.

Fran: Like how the artist has used a variety of mediums, (paint, collage, pattern print ect), to create an image. The colour tones are quite unique and work well together. And communicates the artists style / personality well.

puhurest: “ girlglimmer: “ i left all of my ib art assignments until the last day ” daily reminder: do what makes you the happiest ”

Collages, Printmaking, Montages, Collage, Emboss, Printing, Art Print, Graphics

His graphic art uses female figures or body parts that he mingles with soft brushstrokes, black and