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Challenge your friends to a spooky game of tic-tac-toe on this ceramic gameboard! Re-enact your favorite childhood game with playful ghost and pumpkin pieces - it's the perfect way to get into the Halloween spirit! Content -(1) Ceramic Tic Tac BOO! Gameboard-(5) Pumpkin Pieces-(4) Ghost Pieces Material -Clay may vary, glazed, and fired in a kiln Size -Gameboard 7 in x 7 in with miniature ghost and pumpkin pieces More InformationPottery was sourced from a local artisanal potter. More to come in t


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Our whimsical horse prints, in vintage gold frame, have just been reduce by a huge £12 per frame and save an extra £30 when you buy all six! Professionally printed and framed by a boutique studio based in the UK, they’re the perfect finishing touch to any vintage nursery or child’s room… ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ #vintagenursery #vintagenurserydecor #vintageinterior #cottagecore #cottagecoreaesthetic #cottagecorestyle #cottagecoreart #cottagecoredecor #cottagecoredream #englishcountryhouse #kidsroom #gir...
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"Elevate your living space with the captivating \"Keep Blooming\" Banner Wall Art. This exquisite piece is meticulously crafted to add an enchanting touch to any room in your home. Crafted from luxurious vintage cotton, this banner is adorned with decorative foliage and flora that exude a sense of timeless beauty. The vintage silk fringe gracefully frames the piece, adding an extra layer of elegance to its design. Each detail is a testament to the artistry involved in its creation. Handmade with care, every element of this banner tells a story of dedication and craftsmanship. The vibrant green velvet letters are meticulously hand-cut and sewn onto the backdrop, creating a striking visual contrast that demands attention. The combination of the vintage fabric and the lining creates a harmoni

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an open door with a lock on it
Polished Brass Vacant Engaged Lock
Brass Vacant Engaged Lock