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two boys are playing with stuffed animals and making faces
VIDEO: Yarn Pom Pom Monsters
Pom Pom Monsters | DIY Monster Pom Pom Craft
These pom pom monsters are SO CUTE and so easy to make! Make a pom pom using only your hands, no special tools required, and then decorate your monster craft with felt and googly eyes. This is such a fun craft for fall, Halloween, monster themed birthday parties, or any time you want to get creative and design your own monster!
the instructions for how to make an adorable stuffed animal with buttons on its eyes and nose
Handpuppen selber machen - Puppen/Tiere aus Socken basteln
Kostenlose Anleitung - Handpuppen selber machen - Sockenpuppen basteln - Talu.de
the puppets are all different colors and sizes
leuke vriendjes van sokken. Foto geplaatst door Susanneha op Welke.nl
Make Puppets to match the 'Sock Puppet' app for story writing centre.
a yellow stuffed animal with long hair on it's head and tail, sitting against a white background
Super Simple Sock Puppets- Kids Crafts
We’re making sock puppets! Puppets are a great way to communicate with little ones – they will often get a message across to kids much more effectively than us grown ups. And they are super cute! We made a bunch of fun sock puppets to play with and we’ll take you through the steps of how to make our dragon puppet and then you can make your own puppet too!
four different types of stuffed animals are shown in the same photo, each with an individual's face
an animal made out of gloves with eyes and ears
step by step instructions on how to make slippers for stuffed animals and other toys
there are several pictures showing how to make sockies
two knit horse heads are on sticks in front of a white wall with black dots
the instructions for how to make pom poms with yarn and crochet hooks