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Half Braid Tutorial

Half Braid Tutorial + Video hairstyle tutorial Included DIY Half Braid hairstyle Tutorial, such an easy and quick hair idea for girls


I’m Pisces. Abandon me and you will never regain my trust.

Oh my god! I want to live in Montreal! I can't believe how accurate this was!

Im Hollywood, California

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combo of Virgo and libra

Sagittarius desciption

Sagittarius -Only thing I saw wrong was I am an Introvert not an Extrovert.


I'm Gemini (air) and Cancer (water) Cusp. My sun sign is Gemini (air). My moon sign is Aries (fire). My rising sign is Capricorn (earth). I have all of elements. But my dominant element is air.

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Scary but cute, friendly but shy (lol nope), angry but chill wild but calm, stubborn but easygoing

I'm a flirty drunk and you're a happy drunk!  Sounds like we will get along when we go out and party together!

*Looks over at the whole in the wall made when drunk. The wall looked at me funny.<<<<ok but leo flirty drunk