Cheesecake jars

Italian Cheesecake Jars ~ two favorite summer fruits on a bed of creamy lemon and vanilla mascarpone, plus the simplest raw crumble you’ll ever mak

Raw vegan caramel cashew bliss balls - dates filled with cashew butter and pecans, coated in chocolate

Chocolate-peanutbutter cups

Please take the time to read this from top to tail. There’s an incredible dessert waiting for you at the end. Many of us these days work in relative isolation. We sit at computers, typing away, and though we stay.

Toffee Almond Butter Cups+Holiday Cookie Exchange

Vegaaniset maapähkinävoi-suklaaneliöt

Maapähkinävoi-suklaaneliöt (V

Maapähkinävoi-suklaaneliöt (V) – Viimeistä murua myöten


Toffee sauce made of dates and almond milk