Concrete kitchen bench - another

how to decorate a kitchen w/ grey & black, w/o overly darkening the room. tip: use white walls, roof & display white bowls to brighten the room. tip add a pastel colour to add femininity & softness to the concrete floors & table.

DIY Cement Pencil Holders

DIY Cement Pencil Holders

Awesome Easy Fun Concrete DIY Cement Projects for Your Home ! since Roman times Cement and concrete has been with us and the Brutalist current seriously put.

DIY Concrete Lamp

DIY Concrete Lamp- as fas as I understood: You buy a plastic lamp and "paint" it with concrete.


Board formed concrete (accent) The beauty of an unadorned concrete wall. The traces of its genesis still visible on its surface. A canvas for the play of light and shadow. A noble material.

%Concrete, my favorite material! Lea%

Kitchen Concrete Interiors: The polished concrete kitchen island with open shelving in this photo from French magazine Maison Cote du Sud, provides plenty of storage and workspace, and lends some edge to the somewhat rustic room.


Mid-century modern furnishings accentuate the striking concrete interiors of this residence by Shelton, Mindel & Associates and Reed Morrison Architect. Photography by Michael Moran.

DIY candleholders | weekday carnival

Little diy from our ok-book

Concrete Candelholders Simple industrial looking candleholder. From Finnish Diy-book OK by weekdaycarnival.