Essi Eskelinen

Essi Eskelinen

Essi Eskelinen
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Popsicle Stick Catapults for Kids STEM Activities

Build an easy popsicle stick catapult for a simple STEM activity for kids. A catapult is a great physics science experiment and engineering activity for kids. Try a catapult building activity for a kid's STEM project or science activity.

End of the Year STEM activities and ideas for the upper elementary classroom!

These End of the Year STEM Challenges have science, technology, engineering, and measurement activities for your upper elementary kids that will really get their brains going until the end of the school year!

Build a chain reaction with popsicle or craft sticks. Good rainy day indoor #kids #activity

Did you know that you can build an exploding chain reaction by weaving together popsicle sticks or craft sticks? The chain stays together as long as you hold down the end that you are building … (not sure why this is "for boys")