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a woman with glasses is standing in front of an owl wallpapered background and wearing a scarf
Eu Kids Online ja lasten mediakasvatus
a boy in a hat is running through the rocks with an orange ball on his hand
All Free Math Games -
Free Multiplication Math Games |
a person is playing on an ipad with the caption that reads,'how to draw clothes for kids? '
Next Generation PhET Sims
New Sims - PhET Simulations
an image of a pixel art with the word minecraft on it's face
Welcome to the official site of Minecraft
minecraft for PC
a computer screen with an image of a business brochure on the front and back
a computer screen with an image of a square in the bottom right corner and words above it
a computer screen with an image of a web page on the bottom right corner, and another section in the middle left corner
Google drive lomake tutorial suomeksi
an image of a computer screen with the word's logo on it, and two images
Google Drive Tutorial 2015 - Quick Start
an image of a computer screen with many different icons on the screen and in the background
Samsung Galaxy Tab Käyttöönotto ja perustoiminnot
the tablet is open and ready to be used by someone with no computer on it
someone is holding up their tablet with the screen showing an email message on it's display
Tablettiohje: Tabletin käyttöönotto
someone is touching the screen on their tablet
How To Use Android 4 Tablets - Basics Of The Operating System - Tutorial For Android
a person holding a smart phone in their hand while sitting on a bench next to a window
BYOD -The debate over using your own smartphone for work
an image of three different colored objects in the shape of cubes and pyramids
Let's Learn Shapes & Colors - Preschool Learning
Let's Learn Shapes & Colors - Preschool Learning
a blue background with the words, preparing for byod 10 tips for preparing your classroom for byod
Ten Tips for Preparing Your Classroom for BYOD
a group of people connected to laptops with the words collabrate & share
10 Ways Students Can BYOD
a woman standing in front of a whiteboard with information about the benefits of mobile devices
a cell phone with the words b o d in front of it and many other icons
Business Mobility - Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Security
an abstract blue and white image with lines in the shape of a spiral on a white background
Koodaus opiskeluvälineenä
two children sitting at a table looking at an ipad
Tämä domain on varattu - opettele koodauksen perusteet
a green book with drawings of people on it
Kauppa ⋆ ELLIn kauppa
Opi matematiikkaa leikkien
a cell phone sitting next to a globe with question marks on it and a tag
Teaching with SmartPhones
Touchscreen smartphone with Earth globe
an old computer font that is in the shape of a cross stitch pattern
angry birds playground redi puuhnaria on the cover of an interactive game
Rovion ja Otavan aluevaltaus: esiopetuksen oppimateriaalit -
Rovion ja Otavan aluevaltaus: esiopetuksen oppimateriaalit - Plaza
four different types of numbers are shown in this graphic above the words, which appear to be written in multiple languages
Opetushallitus - Uudet kirjaimet ja numerot -oppimateriaalin etusivu
the word peopa next is made up of pixellated squares and letters on a blue background
Jyväskylän yliopisto
the text is made up of small squares
Oppimateriaaleja verkosta
the words are written in different languages and have been drawn on paper with marker pens
Kielitaito on avain muihin kulttuureihin. Pienikin kielitaito ilahduttaa sekä itseäsi että puhekumppaniasi, ja paikallisen tapakulttuurin tuntemus helpottaa niin kontakteja kuin matkantekoa. Tämä sivusto tarjoaa kieliopintoja erilaisiin tarpeisiin: viikonloppumatkalle, tavoitteellisiin opintoihin, yleiseen kielitutkintoon, kertaukseen.
a box filled with multi colored balls on top of grass
Oppimateriaalit - Orvokki-oravan Luontokoulu