Marquis Miniatures - Rustic Realism

How to: Miniature pet bed. Marquis Miniatures: Could probably use same concept to make cute Fairy Garden wicker furniture.

DIY Miniature Soda Bottle With Real Glass Bottle/Coca Cola/Pepsi/Mountain Dew - YouTube

DIY Miniature Soda Bottle With Real Glass Bottle - made fr Christmas tree lights, easy

How to make LPS & Doll mini Soda cans: Coca Cola etc

DIY miniature coca-cola cans. No polymer Clay! How to make miniature Coca Colas and Soda cans for your dolls and LPS. How to make mini LPS Soda Cans.

DIY Miniature Softsoap Inspired Soap Dispensers - Dollhouse Crafts

Today, I'm making a working doll bathtub for LPS, MLP, or small dolls. Using craft foam paper and hot glue, I'm able to get a really good seal that.

Miniature Dunkin Donuts Inspired Shop Tutorial // Dolls/Dollhouse - YouTube

DIY miniature working pack of 6 glasses. Miniature / dollhouse / doll crafts - miniature glass, miniature cups, doll glass of.