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Pasarela al yoga spot

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Acceso Principal

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Estanques y caída de agua

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Roof garden, escaleras, rampa

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Sector yoga,cancha de bochas, senda aerobica

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some people are laying in hammocks on the grass
15 Creative Street Furniture Designs That Are Winning The Urban Landscape
three dogs are playing in an outdoor water fountain
the river is surrounded by tall grass and trees
Sanlihe Ecological Corridor by Turenscape
three people walking across a wooden bridge over a creek
an image of some water plants and trees
土人设计网 - 北京土人城市规划设计股份有限公司 (城市设计、建筑设计、环境设计、城市与区域规划、风景旅游地规划、城市与区域生态基础设施规划)
a pond surrounded by grass and trees with clouds in the sky above it at sunset
a small pond surrounded by tall grass and trees in the distance with clouds above it
Wetland Plants: How to Use Them in Your Landscape
a small river running through a lush green field next to a wooden bridge over water
Park Groot Schijn by Maxwan architects + urbanists
a wooden walkway next to a body of water with trees and grass on both sides
TERRITOIRES, Landscape Architects · Wet meadows and source of the river Norges
two people sitting on benches in front of a body of water with tall grass and trees behind them
Ecological park in Saint-Jacques
a wooden bench sitting on top of a grass covered field next to a lake and forest
Public Gardens — Phyto Studio
a wooden bench sitting on top of a pier next to tall grass and dry brush
Native Plant Garden | New York Botanical Garden
an old wooden plank with grass and trees in the background