Bath whisk #Sauna

A traditional Finnish way to improve your health! Get a sauna, and gently beat your friends with branches of a birch tree!


Dream renovation for our sauna - oh you have a suana in your house?

Mobile sauna festival: Mobile Sauna Rally in Teuva

Mobile Sauna Festival in Teuva, Finland

More than 50 pocket-sized saunas gather on a lakeside in the small town of Teuva, western Finland, for the fifth annual Mobile Sauna Festival

Forest sauna

Sauna built into hillside at Chilkat? Beautiful Finnish Saunas and Sauna Culture

Amazing bath view with sauna and jacuzzi...

Ponta dos Ganchos Governador Celso Ramos, Brazil A sauna, jacuzzi and external heated plunge pool. The views were simply magnificent.

Sauna Peasant Hat #Sauna

Sauna Peasant Hat #Sauna

Sauna Knight Hat #Sauna

Sauna Knight Hat #Sauna

Kaseviht (värske, kuivatatud) made of Birch tree branches

Made out of Birch branches whisk for the steamy sauna (they must to be wisely prepared, otherwise, the therapeutic effect of it use would not be effective), Estonia

Sauna requirements

Winter Beauty Tips Tip sweat! Let’s face it, the holidays bring lots of cocktails and cocktails bring toxins.