Eveliina I.

Eveliina I.

Etäpuheterapian tutkimusta suomeksi - SLP student researching telepractice/telespeech in Finland.
Eveliina I.
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Group therapy via the internet, as a telepractice service is also possible.

Unus Tactus App Ashley Alliano is a speech language pathology graduate student at Seton Hall University. She developed and recently released an app called Unus Tactus.

The absence of the tactile aspect in remote speech therapy setting is one of the methods special features. It can sometimes be bypassed with using an assistant at the clients location or using proper kind of a therapy material. Choosing clients suitable for remote speech pathology settings in advance is the best way avoiding the tactile challenges in remote speech therapy.

I& fortunate to have a nice big classroom with space for a Sensory Break Center in my current school. Previously, I was crammed in a tiny p.

Such things as structures in speech therapy situation can be presented at the bottom of the videoconferencing screen. This way the structure can be presented all the time during the therapy session.

The Dynamic Duo: The Sensory Break Center. Teach kids to regulate their own mood and behavior by creating a "sensory break center" in your classroom!