Emma Eva Erika Kallio

Emma Eva Erika Kallio

Emma Eva Erika Kallio
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My baby even tho people make fun of me because I love you I don't care. I am not scared to say that JDB is my idol and nobody should be afraid to say that. What I'm trying to say is that you are you and I believe in you JDB my baby I believe in you.

Life is worth living Justin Bieber lyrics

life is worth living // justin bieber this song brought me to tears the first time i heard it and as i listened to it repeatedly it took me out of a really dark time.i love jb so much

It was a very sad tragedy, but now we have a new legend. Who will guide us through our worries. :) <3

I honestly think NO ONE EVER could replace Michael Jackson LIKE EVER but Justin is a great person and i thought this pin was cute