Remember the great novelty toys of the '70's? Well one of them has made a COME-BACK and is just as popular as ever! The Drinking Bird has retained his youthful stamina for trying to quench his thirst,

Happy Drinking Dunking Bird Bobbing Head

ThinkGeek :: The Infamous Drinking Bird My lonely life as an engineer needs it

I hated this stuff! I remember my parents waiting until I had gone to sleep to try and put it on me, but I always woke up. That SMELL!

My mom would smear this all over my chest if I had a cold, and then put the heating pad over it with a soft towel.

Cassette box, draaibaar en stapelbaar

Ah yes, the old cassette carousel, only mine didn't have orange on it!

A bus in Finland

These crochet decorated bus seats, is art installation by the Finnish artist, Vesanen Virpi Laukkanen. It’s called Lace Bus and is part of the OTTO shows, hosted by the Art Museum Vantaa, Fin…



mattopyykkiä laiturilla

Mökillä - Finnish carpets - traditionally woven from scraps of left-over material called 'trasmattor'. My grandmother and some of her Finnish neighbors had a loom in a garage and they used to make rugs like these.