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a tattoo design with the words not all those who wander are lost
a black and white drawing of jesus with the cross on it's chest is shown
Contemplating the Mystery of Christ’s Generosity
a drawing of a compass and ribbon with the words, not all those who wander are lost
Compass Drawing by Jon Cotroneo
Compass Drawing Drawing by Jon Cotroneo
an owl sitting on top of a branch with leaves around its neck and eyes open
a hand with an octopus and ship tattoo on it
Tattoo uploaded by Brittany McCoy • #realism #blackandgrey #nautical #clippership #pirate #kraken #silverbackink #tattooartist #tattoooftheday
an octopus and ship in the ocean
People’s Choice Award 2020 - 99awards
a drawing of an anchor with the word ride on it
Death Fresh skull design by WillemXSM on DeviantArt
ride anchor by WillemXSM on DeviantArt
an anchor and rope tattoo design
anchor by jjnomann on DeviantArt
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