flow by Matthias Stilke

Photo listed in Macro Shot taken with Canon EOS Mark II. 63 Repics, 93 likes and 1200 views.

Butterflies by cliffordpugliese

Shot taken with NIKON 12 Repics, 20 likes and 643 views.

Papallona descentrada. Iguazú. Misiones. Argentina by bescosx

Photo listed in Animal at Misiones. Shot taken with 16 Repics, 30 likes and 512 views.

Female Swallowtail Butterfly by cliffordpugliese

Swallowtail in Shenandoah National Park Photo by Clifford Pugliese -- National Geographic Your Shot

"at piratbar." by BauerStefan

Photo listed in Animal at Baden-Württemberg. Shot taken with NIKON 1 Canon EF 8 Repics, 13 likes and 504 views.

Kelly by Erol AYYILDIZ

Photo listed in Macro at Kocaeli. Shot taken with PENTAX . 30 Repics, 57 likes and 781 views.

Naturaleza  by dany

Photo at Buenos Aires. Shot taken with NIKON 71 Repics, 124 likes and 1930 views.

Pastel by blacknightowscyaz

Pastel by blacknightowscyaz