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a painting of a cat sitting in front of a starry night
Starry Night Whisker-Tastic Artistry
Experience the enchantment of 'Starry Night' with a cat-inspired twist.
a painting of a cat sitting in front of a night sky with stars and swirls
Starry Night Cat Art Galore
an orange cat sitting on top of a hill looking at the night sky and stars
two watercolor bookmarks with flowers and leaves painted on the sides, one is pink
a drawing of a butterfly sitting on top of flowers
a drawing of a hummingbird with its wings spread
#Diy #Art #painting #craftsman #painter
a watercolor painting of a woman's face with her tongue hanging out to the side
a watercolor iris flower is being painted on paper
How to Paint a Watercolor Iris — Loose Watercolors — Blushed Design
I have been day dreaming about this watercolor iris way too long to leave it in my head a moment longer! I am so excited to share how I painted this watercolor iris in my signature loose watercolor flower style. Also known as “loose for me but not loose at all for some people but other people like i
Fantasy butterfly 🦋 • watercolor
Journey in Gray
Gouache painting - Journey in Gray #gouachepainting #naturepainting #landscapepainting #coastal #road #flowers #beachside