love the transom windows and internal french style doors

KANNUSTALO - Suomen kauneimpia Koteja Tolle Trennung zwischen Wohnzimmer Esszmmer/Küche---Instead of a normal wall, how about this idea for a wall of beautiful glass windows to let the light fill multiple rooms?

KANNUSTALO - Suomen kauneimpia Koteja

The candle lights flicker with the coming of evening at the Southern Comfort Inn. Good night my friends and readers alike!

Glass diss on both sides of glass"wall" divider

Wall of windows. The windows caught my eye which they are beautiful but check out the fireplace. They used a piece of glass instead of traditional tile! I am keeping that idea in the top of my must have list.

Kannustalo Vihervaara i love doors and wimdows separating rooms

Talosanomien juttu kodistamme on ilmestynyt – iiiik!