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a black cat with red eyes and blood dripping from its mouth, on a red background
“i still love you”
a painting of a person with a butterfly on their head and an eyeball in his hand
Callan McGill - Image – SAVEE
an angel with outstretched wings standing in the water, surrounded by stars and other things
Sold at Auction: Carl von Marr, MARR, CARL VON - 1858 Milwaukee - 1936 Munich - Angel.
some trees with white flowers and blue sky in the backgrounnd, looking up at them
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an angel sitting on the back of a horse next to a man in a forest
~By Artuš Scheiner
an image of a skull with flames coming out of it's mouth and eyes
an image of a red drawing on black paper with the words,'i am not sure
a white dog surrounded by red flowers and other things in the background is an image of hands reaching for something